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Become a Burger Singh Franchise Owner Today

Burger Singh is the largest Made-in-India Burger Chain with a unique product. It is the perfect fit for the Indian Market in both taste and value for money. With over 150 successful outlets already, we are well on our way to hitting our goal of 1000 outlets by 2026. Be a part of a truly Indian growth story by becoming the proud owner of a Burger Singh store.


Become a Burger Singh Franchise Owner Today

Burger Singh is the largest Made-in-India Burger Chain with a unique product. It is the perfect fit for the Indian Market in both taste and value for money. With over 150 successful outlets already, we are well on our way to hitting our goal of 1000 outlets by 2026. Be a part of a truly Indian growth story by becoming the proud owner of a Burger Singh store.

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    Disclaimer- Min investment budget including Setup Cost, Franchise fees, and Operational Expenses is 24 lacs plus GST.

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        Property Requirements

        Do you have a property that you think would be ideal for Burger Singh outlet? Whether you are high-street property owner, a hospital, a school, a mall developer, a food court manager or a real estate consultant having Burger Singh as a tenant is a great value add to your property.

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        7 Reasons to become a
        Burger Singh Franchisee

        Brand and Vision

        • Burger Singh is breaking the stereotype that only International brands can run successful fast food chains
        • The Largest Made-In-India Burger chain with 150+ outlets in 60+ cities. Aiming to get to 1000 outlets by 2026
        • The name Burger Singh represents ‘Original Indianised burgers’ at an affordable price making it the go to burger chain for the average Indian
        • Fully Loaded entry level burger at ₹39 makes brand accessible to all
        • Fastest growing 7-9% month on month
        • 90% + Profitable outlets

        Great Investment

        Product Line

        • Burger Singh Originals with cult following- Nikku Singh, Udta Punjab, United States of Punjab
        • Committed to better quality for lower prices
        • Full spectrum of burgers starting from ₹39 to ₹250, catering to all market segments
        • Largest vegetarian range options for large vegetarian population
        • Constantly updating menu based on product analysis
        • Double Patty, Fries, sides, beverages to ensure high attach rates
        • Centralised supply chain ensures same quality product in every Burger Singh outlet

        Location assistance

        • Pre-approved list of locations available. We also provide location wise projections for locations you recommend
        • Ask for Premium deals: HOT locations (limited time only) + Profitable outlet sale
        • Store layout design, fabrication guidelines and monitoring by Burger Singh
        • Raw materials, Supply Chain, Marketing channels, Location assessment, technical check, Training and certification, Operational guidelines and Business support managed by Burger Singh
        • All you have to do is sign up and we will help you set it all up!

        We’ll help set up YOUR business

        • Our expert team of Franchise advisors will work with you to plan all aspects of the business
        • From creating a business plan, to finalising location, applying for licenses, hiring, marketing, our team will assist you with everything
        • You have all the excitement of running your own business with the safety net of a proven model and significantly reduced risk
        • We are here to help you take the first step towards financial independence

        Excellent Support

          • Every Burger Singh Franchisee is assigned a Franchise Success Manager and a Outlet Manager to help you run all things Burger Singh
          • Monthly Profit and Loss (PNL) reviews to help improve profitability
          • Regular audits and training to ensure great quality
          • Brand manages Zomato, Swiggy and Complete online presence on google, youtube, social media, etc
          • Brand managed call center and customer complaint management
          • Central Marketing Support: Radio, Online TV, transport, newspaper, etc

        Awards & Recognition

        • Best Restaurant Chain of The Year : Restaurant Awards 2022
        • Images most admired food service retailer of the year 2022 : Market expansion
        • Franchise Awards 2022 : Kabir Jeet Singh, Franchisor of the Year
        • Images Most Admired Food Service Retailer of The Year 2022: Innovation in Customer Service/Acquisition
        • Images Most Admired Retail Launch of the Year 2022 : New Outlet Launch
        • Images Most Admired Retailer : Best Turnaround Story 2021: Burger Singh
        • Times of India 40UN DER40 Leaders : Kabir Jeet Singh
        • Voted Best Deliver y & Best Late Night Delivery Place in Delhi

        7 Reasons to become a

        Burger Singh Franchisee

        Store Format

        Click on our different franchise models to know more.

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        About The Brand

        Burger Singh is the quintessential Indian success story. Founded by Kabir Jeet Singh on his return from Oxford, Burger Singh was born in November 2014 with the vision of becoming India's largest Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain. In 8 short years, Burger Singh has rapidly made its mark on the Indian fast food industry. At 100+ stores in 50+ cities, we are the fastest-growing burger chain of Indian origin and have the country's 3rd highest burger delivery volumes.


        Awards & Recognition

        *Above mentioned prices are applicable at select locations only.

        *Above mentioned prices are applicable at select locations only.


        Questions you might ask

        A) What do I need to do to qualify for a Burger Singh Franchise?

        • Location in which the Burger Singh outlet is being considered (google pin). If you do not have a location in mind, you can speak to our franchise sales agents to help you narrow it down.
        • Looking at opening the store in next 60-80 days
        • Have the minimum Capital required to set up the specific model you want to do. Details for this are available on www.burgersinghonline.com/franchise. In addition, we need all franchise owners to have a marketing launch spend of 2 lacs + operating capital to sustain the business for 6 months
        • Extra Storage space of 300 sqft for Raw material (over above the restaurant space mentioned)

        B) How do I go about the process of opening a Burger Singh Franchise?

        Schedule an appointment with our Sales executive on +91 90290 20888 or go to www.burgersinghonline.com/franchise and book an appointment.

        C) What is the ROI on my investment?

        The ROI on any investment depends on multiple factors like Location, Rentals, Expected Revenue, etc. There is no one answer to that question. To get a better idea of what it is likely to be for you, please book an appointment with our sales executives on 90290 20888 or go onto www.burgersinghonline.com/franchiseand book an appointment.

        A) How much does the Dine-In Model cost?

        Franchise Fee of 8 lacs + GST. A Dine-in location with a minimum of 30 covers can be opened in a space of 800 sq ft. Total setup cost is in the range of 44 lacs

        B) How much does the Food Court Model cost?

        Franchise Fee of 5 lacs + GST. The minimum amount of space needed to open a Food Court outlet that incorporates both operations and good storage space is 200-300 sq ft of carpet area. Total setup cost is in the range of 26 lacs

        C) How much does the Drive Thru Model cost?

        Franchise Fee of 10 lacs + GST. A Drive Thru location with a minimum of 32 covers can be opened in a space of 1000-1500 sq ft. Total setup cost is in the range of 59 lacs

        D) I would like to open a take away outlet.

        We have currently discontinued the take away model for all high street locations. The best option if you have a budget of around 30 lacs is to open a food court outlet in a mall.

        E) Which Licenses will I need to run the outlet?

        FSSAI, Shop & Establishment, Municipal Trade license

        F) Who will look after Marketing?

        All central level marketing promoting the brand - Social Media, Radio, Newspaper, TV, etc is done by the brand. All location specific marketing like ads on Zomato/Swiggy, Flyers in local neighbourhood, Hoardings arounds the outlet, etc to be done by the outlet

        G) How much Marketing Budget do I need?

        An outlet launch budget of 2 lacs is needed to launch any outlet in the first 3-4 months of its operations. This is a mandatory spend for the franchise owner and the cheque is to be provided at the time of opening of the outlet. The decision on how to spend this money will be made in consultation with the Franchise owner. Once the outlet is open, marketing spends will be done as per requirement, but our experience has taught us that one should allocate at least 5% of the monthly revenue towards marketing.

        H) What is the Initial stock Cost (For each outlet type)?

        At the time of signing up the outlet, we will make a projection on the revenue we expect to do. 35% of the projected Revenue in the first month will be considered for the initial stock indent.

        I) What is the Royalty (For each outlet type)?

        Royalty for all models is the same and is fixed at 6% and Adminstrative fee at 2% on net revenue per month

        J) Which franchise models does Burger Singh do? (FOFO/FOCO) (For each outlet type)

        Franchise owned franchise operated model only

        K) What is my expected rental going to be?

        Dine-In rental range (50k - 2.5 lacs) / Food Court rental range (30k - 1.5 lacs) / Drive Thru rental range (80k - 2 lacs)

        L) What about other costs?

        Once we are aligned on the location, set up cost, etc, we will book an appointment with our Franchise Experts. They will make a monthly Profit And Loss Statement with you which will include all monthly expenses and give you a provisional view of profitablity at each outlet.

        M) Which cities is Burger Singh looking to expand to?

        Currently our focus is on increasing our density in the North of India, North East, Gujarat and central India. Punjab (Ludhiana, Jalandhar), UP (Kanpur, Varanasi, Agra, Gorakhpur, Allahabad) Rajasthan (Jaipur, Kota, Aligarh, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner) Gujarat (Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Vadodra, Anand, Bhavnagar, Junahgadh, Jamnagar, Porbandar), West Bengal (Kolkata, Siliguri) Assam (Guwahati), Meghalya (Shillong), Sikkim (Gangtok).

        A) Who will be responsible for Hiring ( Brand guidline)?

        While the accountablity of the hiring lies with the Franchise, the brand provides complete support in helping source CV's and take interviews along with the Franchise owner.

        B) Skilled / Non- skilled labour?

        Non- skilled labour with relevant experience can be considered

        C) No. of employees needed?

        Dine-In (7 employees) / Food Court (5 employees) / Drive Thru (8 employees). This is an estimate based on average revenues. The number of employees will increase if order volumes are higher. Other factors like delivery, valets, guards etc may be applicable based on location.

        A) How long is the training process?

        Training for Franchise Owners: Will be conducted by Burger Singh Management team. This training is designed to teach you everything you need to know about running a franchise store profitably. Training for Staff: Will be conducted by operations staff and conducted at the Franchisee Location. Burger Singh will provide a New Store Opening Team that will come to your location and hand hold the new staff till they are certified and ready to take on operations themselves

        B) Where does the training take place?

        Training for the outlet staff is carried out at the Franchise store itself. In some special cases, we may need the staff to visit and train at existing Burger Singh stores. The training of the Franchise owners can either happen online or in person at our Head Quarters (HQ) in Gurgaon.

        C) What if a Refresher Training is required?

        Refresher training is carried out based on requirement

        A) Who provides the Raw Material?

        All raw material stock is provided centrally from the brand warehouse to ensure brand quality. Independent procurement of stock is not permitted unless by special exception in very rare cases.

        B) Vendor tie-up

        Only fresh vegetables are sourced from the city local vendor

        A) Who looks after Digital Marketing?

        Our in-house marketing team will assist you with a monthly plan on digital marketing like Zomato/ Swiggy carousals and clicks, Facebook ads, instagram ads, google ads etc.

        B) Who looks after Offline Marketing?

        Our in-house marketing team will assist you with a monthly plan on offline marketing like billboards, newspaper flyers etc. The local marketing plan will be put together in consultation with the Franchise Owner.

        C) Who is our Target Audience?

        Our target audience is the average middle-class Indian between the age of 14-50. A high density of population with that demographic is the most ideally suited for Burger Singh. High density of students and young adults is another indicator of ideal demographics.

        A) What is the Franchisee Agreement Term (Clarify as per each outlet type)?

        Franchise Agreement term for a Food Court, Dine-In and Drive-thru model is 5 years.

        B) What is the Franchisee Agreement Renewal Fee (Clarify as per each outlet type)?

        To be determined at the time of renewal.

        C) What is a Term Sheet?

        The Term Sheet is prepared and signed once the Franchise fee is paid. This is the confirmation of the offer to finalise a franchise license for a particular area. The letter consists of the details of the Franchise, City, Area, Store Model, Fee, Royalty and any special conditions if applicable. The letter states that the outlet should be made operational within 3 months of signing.

        A) Who will do the project?

        The outlet setup project work will be carried out only by Burger Singh approved vendors. A list of vendors and their costing will be shared with the Franchise

        B) Can I do the project on my own?

        'Yes, the project setup can be carried out by your own Vendor, provided the vendor you are recommending has significant experience in building restaurants of global repute'

        C) How long will the opening of the store take?

        60-70 days is the timeline to make the store operational once the Franchise agreement has been signed

        A) Will Burger Singh help with finding a location?

        Yes, Burger Singh can share top locations in a particular city basis data analysis of the market competion + online delivery sales data

        B) I have my own shop. Can I use that for the outlet?

        Yes, if the shop matches the requirement of the franchise model of the brand, the self owned shop can be considered, post due deligence carried out

        C) How much Sale can I expect my outlet to do?

        Schedule a call now to speak to our Sales Expert

        D) How should I choose the ideal model for my location?

        Schedule a call now to speak to our Sales Expert

        E) Can I get a discount?

        Schedule a call now to speak to our Sales Expert

        A) How much operating capital will I need?

        5-6 lacs of operating capital is reccomended for the intial few months of operations

        B) Can I suggest my own products?

        Products are fixed as per the brand finalized menu only

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